Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The White Death by Daniel Rafferty

A deadly virus sweeping across Planet Earth...
An Alien Council with questionable motives and unlimited resources...
A threat to humanity greater than anything before...

It's a busy day for the new President of the United States. To ensure humanity has a future and take drastic global action to curb the spread of the virus, President Thomas Morgan turns to the only people he can trust to solve the crisis and save humanity: Section 51, a team of scientists and public servants -- and one loyal alien named Freda -- operating beneath Area 51 in Nevada.

As human populations begin turning on each other, desperate for survival at all costs, civilized societies across the planet begin to disintegrate. Governments crumble, chaos reigns, and death spreads like wildfire. Can the president and Section 51 thwart the real possibility of extinction -- and handle the consequences of their heartbreaking decisions?

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