Friday, January 04, 2019

Day Of The Democrat: A Day of Reckoning for the Poor to Middle Class by Jeff Carlucci

Head Coach Chaz Wellington utilizes the line in the sand concerning the division between the poor and the rich socio-economic classes, not to mention the private and public schools. Chaz Wellington's doctrine of motivating pro football players is subjected to criticism; because, he drafts solely from state schools minus athletes from the private institutions. The reasoning behind his drafting preferences is to create opportunity for those who came from desperate living conditions to help them land a roster spot in Professional Football.
He teaches his players on how the rich are in fact making the middle class poor by closing the gates of large Democratic strongholds concerning manufacturing. Wellington calls this outsourcing a sheer act of greed to eliminate lucrative pay scales and benefits such as insurance and pension plans for the sake of the profit margin. He's revered as a politician and a presidential candidate since he lobbies for the Union claiming the rich sadistic acts of plant closings are synonymous with poachers placing exotic wildlife into extinction. He also meets with the fans and has lotteries for tickets for those who lost their jobs at the hands of the political oppositions’ reign of eluding paying honest wages for Dem's. 
Wellington educates his athletes on how to live financially secure outside of the game of football and teaches them about how the rich who run the large manufacturing plants are cutting off the financial resources of those who support the California Pirates, their franchise. The players buy into this religiously and it shows when they lock on their chinstraps and take out their hatred for the disciples of the political oppositions foot soldiers on a 100 yard gridiron. Coach Wellington, his Assistants, last, the talented athletes across that 46 man active roster give the Democrats a day of reckoning and alleviate their fans stress via beating the political enemy in the trenches on the biggest stage in all of professional sports.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Dome of the Guardians by Michael K. Andam

In Kennymont, a small township in Felixburg County, the Muller family lived happily as highly respected, involved citizens within their suburban community. Blessed with a measurable amount of wealth and four children christened Janet, Magnus, Jason, and Katelyn, the parents worked hard to bring up their children within a moral framework—teaching them by word and example, to eschew pride, and to cultivate love and respect for all, irrespective of status.

The second child, Magnus, was born with minor physical deformities but was strong-willed and loved adventure. His love for adventure, however, knew no bounds. At the age of eighteen, he ventured into the forbidden forest of virgin trees near his home. It was there in the shadow of the trees he was unexpectedly confronted with his foreordained destiny as the Wackida—the rescuer from evil in this millennium. He is conditioned, taught about the plans of the great Creators in the universe known as the Supremos, and trained in his role as the sixth rescuer of man from evil since the time this planet was created. He is permitted, for the first time, to reveal to the world the role of his predecessors as he recounts his own assignments and his adventures in a series of thrilling episodes, starting with The Dome of the Guardians.


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Trust Me, I'm A Salesman by Yuri van der Sluis

After training thousands of B2B Sales people worldwide, Yuri van der Sluis packed the essence of value and trust selling in 30 cartoons. This book will show you in an entertaining and practical way how you can be successful in sales, by being the exact opposite of the Wolf of Wall Street. In short a Top Sales Dog instead of a Sales Wolf. Put the customer front and center in their buying process and sell by building trust and providing value. This way you won't just aim for the transaction, but the relationship and your customer as a whole. You won't have to lie, cheat and manipulate your way into business. How important is it for your business that customers keep coming back, because doing business with you is a good thing!

This book will help you to:

* sell the right way by building on your integrity and content
* inject value in the sales process * get customer trust
* get customer commitment
* separate yourself from all the Sales Wolves out there.

You will be guided throughout a typical B2B sales process whereby the major differences will be shown between the wolf and the dog. Cartoons will show you the stark contrast between the two ways how to sell.

Trust Me, I'm A Salesman: How to Earn Customers through Trust and Value by Yuri van der Sluis is available at