Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dave the Brave Sawfish by Nirit Littaney


Watch out! If you swim by too closely, Dave, the young sawfish, may just whack you with his nose! No one can deny he has a huge honker, but the thing that stands out about him most isn’t his appearance at all. Swim with Dave through an underwater journey as he encounters a scary situation and proves once and for all that looks aren’t everything.

This bedtime story for kids is the perfect way to send children off to sleep with a valuable lesson to dream about. Vivid illustrations of sea creatures and aquatic animals will captivate little readers and parents alike. Dave is sure to become one of your child’s favorite characters from a children’s book.

• Perfect for a bedtime story for kids
• Excellent for early readers
• Picture book for kids - Bright and colorful images

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Dave the Brave Sawfish by Nirit Littaney is available at Amazon.com.

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