Thursday, August 06, 2015

Fears Revenge by Lynn Case

Allison Symms had forgotten everything about that night over twenty years ago. The night she was held captive in an old cabin in the woods. Last thing she can remember is running through the woods and crashing head on into something, falling back knocking herself unconscious.

She doesn’t remember anything about that night until one day she gets knocked over by a city bus taking a turn to sharp and hits her head against a flower planter and goes unconscious once again. Then she begins to have horrific nightmares and flashbacks to events that she can’t remember.

After seeing her therapist and undergoing hypnosis, all is revealed about the lost events of that one traumatic night. Allison decides to take the law into her own hands and take Fears Revenge on the four boys that held her captive.

As each detailed step of revenge Allison takes against, Cole, Tyler, Tony and Bobby she is beginning the healing and growing process in more ways than she bargained for.

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