Sunday, December 20, 2015

Frater: The Identity of America by Dr ant Vento

The Second part of the present book will be dedicated to the essence of American identity. The First part shows some of the latter’s manifestations and appearances. However, a more detailed definition of American identity is needed. As it will be seen in the First part of the present book, America has its origins in the pilgrimage of the puritans searching for freedom of confession. This pilgrimage was not only a historical event, but it had also spiritual meaning, it was a spiritual pilgrimage. At that time Europe was highly intolerant in the following aspect: the official Church in every country persecuted all people confessing faith different than the official one in the particular country. Hence, the American identity is strongly connected with the idea of the Promised Land, or the place where the God’s people will find peace and realization. The analogy between the Exodus of the Jews, and the pilgrims from the Mayflower is quite reasonable: in both cases the travelers had to escape from slavery...

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