Friday, September 02, 2016

Warped Justice by Kevin Schwartz

This journal has been designed to help you keep up with the food you eat and the calories you take in each day. It will also help you keep track of other issues in your life that effect your health like your stress level,  water intake and how many hours of sleep you are getting. Just put all of the details inside this journal and living a healthier life will become a lot easier. There's also a table of contents in the front of the book for you to complete to help you reference back on days faster and a section for notes about each day at the bottom of each daily log page.

The law will protect you. Until it doesn't.

When Peter Garrison's failed defense of a client leads to a retribution plot against him, he's forced to confront a nemesis intent on destroying him. Jason Felding seeks payback after his teenage brother winds up sodomized and mentally scarred during an unfair incarceration. He targets the restaurant owner who put his sibling behind bars and the lawyer who couldn't get a simple underage drinking case dropped. Obsessed with justice, Jason murders the snitch and, in an elaborate ruse, frames Peter as the killer.

Peter finds himself the prime suspect in a murder that rocks the small town of Quincy, Vermont, a cruel irony since he left his firm frustrated that guilty clients sometimes escape punishment, while innocent ones are convicted. With the help of a crafty private investigator, Peter vows to solve the crime and save his reputation. But as Peter closes in on the truth, both he and his new girlfriend may be next on Jason’s hit list.

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